MA Law Firm advises on and documents the sourcing, manufacture, distribution, sale, licensing and franchising of products and services. MA Law Firm provides related advice on government procurement rules, labeling and packaging requirements, handling of hazardous materials and other environmental law requirements.

Marketing and distribution of products and services in Indonesia has long been heavily regulated, particularly with respect to foreign suppliers and investors. MA Law Firm has extensive experience in the retail and wholesale trade sectors and vast knowledge of the legal aspects of providing all kinds of technical and professional services. We advise clients on the regulatory aspects of import/export transactions, direct wholesale and retail distribution of goods and services as well as on franchising, licensing and other indirect distribution arrangements. The firm also advises on the often complex application of government procurement regulations in the oil and other sectors.

In an increasingly regulated market place, MA Law Firm advises clients on trade regulation issues newly arising under the evolving laws of Indonesian National Standards consumer protection, environmental protection and other market protection legislation. Unfair competition and consumer protection law have become particularly fast growing areas of the firm’s practice as a result of our representation of major consumer product companies in the food, pharmaceutical, technology, and automotive industries.